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From Skepticism to Unbreakable Faith

How Skeptics attain a powerful belief system that may lead them to the very secrets of Truth

Interview with Don Miguel Ruiz


Please enjoy this brief interview with Toltec Wisdom Teacher Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements (New York Times best-seller), The Mastery of Love and The Voice of Knowledge.


Don Miguel’s, The Four Agreements, continues to inspire millions with its powerful wisdom and empowering concepts. In this exclusive interview for “Lotus Guide” Don Miguel speaks about his book ‘The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery’, co-written by Don Miguel and his son, Don Jose Ruiz, who is following in his father’s footsteps as a Toltec Wisdom Keeper and Teacher.


The interview gives us powerful insights about how skepticism itself becomes a belief system that may help us find the truth behind the appariences.


Q: It seems to me that to be skeptical should be a process of asking, and sometimes demanding, validation for what we have traditionally accepted as true, usually through indoctrination at an early age. But what I’ve noticed is the tendency for people who have maintained a system of skepticism over a period of time to unknowingly slip into “being a skeptic” at which point their skepticism has become a position they take against everything. How do you maintain balance while being skeptical?


Don Miguel Ruiz: Yes it’s true that skepticism can go in two directions. One way is to pretend to be skeptical because you think you’re too smart to be gullible. “Look at how intelligent I am. I don’t believe in anything.” This isn’t skepticism. To be skeptical is not to believe everything you hear, and you don’t believe because it’s not the truth, that’s all. The way to be skeptical is just to be aware that the entire humanity believes in lies. All humans distort the truth because we are dreaming, and our dream is not the absolute truth. It’s a relative truth — it’s just a point of view.


Then how do you “maintain balance while being skeptical?” The answer is awareness and respect. When you’re aware that every human distorts the truth, you use the power of doubt to discern what is true and what is not true. People will come to you and tell you their personal story. They will tell you their point of view, what they believe is truth. But you don’t have to judge if it’s truth or if it’s not truth. You don’t have any judgment, but you do have respect. Respect is so important. All of us have the right to believe whatever we want to believe; we have the right to say whatever we have to say, but if you don’t learn to listen, you will never understand what other people are saying.


When you learn to listen, you show respect for the way people express themselves; you show respect for their opinions, for their point of view. You know that whatever they say is distorted by their beliefs. You know that what they’re telling you is nothing but a story. But you also know when their words come from truth, and you know because you can feel it. By listening to the intent behind words, you will understand the real message.


Q: The more I dismantle some of the beliefs I’ve been told since I was a child, the greater the mystery of life becomes. This statement sounds profound and engaging, however, the reality is that it brings to the surface many of the fears I have suppressed with my beliefs, such as my mortality. If this particular fear surfaces too early in a persons spiritual growth it is almost assured they will revert back to their earlier belief system to find comfort even though they know, at least at some level, they are pretending to know something that is in fact, unknowable. How can we prepare for this moment that will surely arise, some call it the “dark night of the soul”?

The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz and his son, Jose Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz: In every moment, you make the choice of where you put your attention, and where you put your attention is what you’re going to experience. If you take responsibility for your choices, if you learn to take control of the attention, you prepare yourself for almost anything. You can begin by choosing to keep your attention in the present moment. When your attention is in the moment; you are not afraid of what the future will bring.


Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that can happen to me?” To die? We are all going to die, and there’s nothing we can do. We can enjoy the ride, or resist it and suffer. Resistance, however, is futile. We are programmed to die; we are programmed to be what we are, and we can only be whatever we are. But inside the virtual reality of our mind, we can go against Life — against our own programming, and that’s how we create a whole world of resistance. The struggling is just the resistance, and resistance creates suffering.


When you surrender to life, everything changes just like magic. You surrender to that force that is coming through your body, through your mind, and it’s a whole new way to see life. It’s a way of being. It’s being life. You are happy wherever you are, whatever you do. Even when you create problems, you enjoy life because you are free, and it’s the freedom that comes when you’re not attached to a particular outcome. You completely surrender, knowing that everything is just the way it is. And because you accept everything as it is, you no longer worry about anything. You know that everything that has happened was meant to happen; you know that you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Then life becomes exciting because there’s no more fear.


Q: It’s been my experience that when people say to have faith in what they’re telling you that it’s nothing more than a license to believe something that lacks evidence. Is there a time and a place for something called faith and what is your definition of it when used correctly?


Don Miguel Ruiz: Faith is a force that comes from deep inside us; it’s the power of creation that all humans have, and it doesn’t have anything to do with religion. Faith is the result of an agreement. When you agree to believe in something one-hundred percent without a doubt, you invest your faith. If you have no doubt about what you believe, then for you it is truth, even though it may really be a lie.


You can put your faith in scientific theories, in religions, in all sorts of opinions, but this is not real faith. Faith in yourself is the real faith. Real faith is to trust yourself unconditionally, because you know what you really are. What you really are is a force; you are Life. When you have faith in yourself, you respect yourself. You completely accept your body, your emotions, your life, your story. You live your life in love, and you are not afraid to express your love, to say “I love you” to others. And in that moment when you love yourself unconditionally, you only put your faith in agreements that support life, that add to your joy, to your happiness, to your freedom.


Q: I know this may be a tough question but being a skeptic as the Fifth Agreement tells me to be, I must ask it. You say that by making the Five Agreements your way of life that you will be living in your personal dream of heaven. Is this not where all religious believers live, and like them, you have no evidence. So my question is how do you know you’re not falling into the area of wishful thinking?


Don Miguel Ruiz: Heaven refers to the way we perceive reality; it’s a point of view, a state of mind, and so is hell. We don’t have to die to go to heaven or hell. Heaven is all around us, just as hell is all around us. Whoever believes in truth, lives in heaven. Whoever believes in lies, sooner or later lives in hell.


When we are educated to be a member of society, we learn so many lies. Our belief system creates millions of little barriers to the truth, and we inadvertently create our own hell.


A personal dream of heaven means a life lived in truth, love, and respect for everything in existence, beginning with yourself. With truth, love, and respect, everything changes. You no longer feel the need to defend your opinions — to be right and to make others wrong.
You accept everything in existence just the way it is, not the way you want it to be. When you decide to love and respect yourself completely, when you learn to love and respect everybody else, then you no longer judge yourself or anybody else.


When you give meaning and importance to everything you learned in life, your attention is dispersed on many things at once. When you take away the meaning from everything, you are in communion, and you become the only living being that exists. There’s no difference between you and any star in the sky or you and any rock in the desert. Everything in existence is part of the only living being in existence. When you experience this truth, even for a moment, the structure of your belief system disappears, and you are in that wonderful dream of heaven.


In the dream of heaven, you become aware that you are life — not just as a concept, but as an action, as complete awareness. No wishful thinking is involved; in fact, there’s no thought at all. Now you can see with the eyes of truth, and this is a completely different point of view. You see yourself not just from the point of view of a human, but from the point of view of a force. You no longer see everything outside of you as if it’s separate from you. You feel the totality of yourself in everything. You feel yourself as the only living being that exists, and you don’t just feel it; you know it.


But first you have to unlearn all the self-limiting agreements that make you suffer in life, and there are Five Agreements that help you to do this: If you are impeccable with your word, if you don’t take anything personally, if you don’t make assumptions, if you always do your best, and if you are skeptical while listening, there won’t be any more conflict in your head; there will be peace. Instead of being your adversary, the voices in your head will become your ally, and instead of guiding your life into drama, they will help you to keep the peace. Then the mind becomes a powerful tool of the spirit; it becomes a powerful ally. The result is a completely different dream: your personal heaven.



From Skepticism to Unbreakable Faith


From Skepticism to Unbreakable Faith

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Meditation Essentials: Concentration and Self Control (part two)


Concentration and Self Control are key elements of discipline that bring together spiritual and mental forces that help us achieve goals. They are the abc of it all.


Concentration is a very high spiritual matter. What to concentrate in, and what is that that gets concentrated? Our essence is that concentrates. In the outer world our essence is deluded with other substances and thoughts. A concentrated essence is very powerful. Our essence gets concentrated in whatever takes its attention, its heart. The decision for a path to follow. This happens since there are two opposite natures in us. Life and death are in us each and every breath. The nature of living breaths in us with positive, constructing, happy thinking, while the nature of death expires in us with destroying, heavy and dense vibrations.

Self Control is the moderator and the decision maker.

Let me recall the second story i was thinking of before, in the previous post. It is a story of another friend who had a terrible accident where her beloved husband was killed in very sad conditions in the traffic of North Carolina. He actually died next to her, while she was also struggling to save herself from all her injuries inside their completely destroyed car. In the first hour of being trapped in the vehicle he expired in front of her eyes.


After she woke again she was in the hospital, recalling all that had happened. In the middle of her grief she saw her two younger boys and only thought to be strong for them. She said to herself that there would be a time when she would concentrate in crying deeply her husband’s death, and that she needed to show her step sons how to recover from the pain and to have joy for life. At times, by  herself, she would start to cry, alone, for some time; then she would show again joyful and happy. She told me this practice of self control had helped her in ways she did not realize originally. She was still loving and deeply respecting her husband and learned how important it was to stay alive and learn from her sad fate some deeper meanings of life and death.


Concentration and Self Control helped her and her family very nicely and brought the power to achieve, to learn, to absorb, to understand better. Strong power of will is needed each and every moment. Interestingly in those days my friend could learn and was aware of how many things could weaken her power of will, and that is the most interesting lesson. Family members, friends, advertising everywhere call us, and some times even forces us to like something and to indulge somehow. We accept and for certain reasons go against our own selves, our own thoughts and brake our own goals, our own thoughts, and eventually we make weak our power of will. My friend could find many many things that were making her will weak. This article is too small to make details and explain further these weakening factors, but i am sure we all can recognize many of them.


We will come back deeper on these matters early next year. You will enjoy learning interesting and very powerful aspects of these essentials that we do not know. All discipline in every path of life and faith involves Concentration and Self Control, and these are also what feeds our very beliefs.


In our next post we will recall another basic matter, another essential common to all meditation paths and faiths.. This matter is DEVOTION.


I think recalling certain aspects of devotion may help us make our December holidays more meaningful and  enjoyable. So, we’ll meet later. Please let us know what is in your mind in your comments.





Meditation Essentials: Concentration and Self Control (Part One)

The next few posts will talk of several basic topics that are important when we want to tune up and set our minds up for meditation. Of course there are many ways to do meditation, and actually we are meditating all the time somehow, as it has been stated in previous posts.


So, meditation is something we do on daily basis, and the different practices of meditation we can find here and there are intended to help us find some power we need in our day to day chores in order to achieve some specific goals, material or spiritual. It is basic discipline.


Concentration and Self Control are key elements of discipline. Concentration, lets put a different word: FOCUS; and Self Control, lets call it: POWER OF WILL, are the essentials that bring together the spiritual and mental forces that can help us achieve goals. They are the abc of it all. Concentration is actually a very high spiritual nature, and Self Control is the moderator.



A person having problems with obesity will not achieve any success in loosing weight unless he or she does something about it. Thinking deeply of what is to be done and actually performing the plan and following the path we thought would be better, is that brings all achievements and changes. I learned something very important when i had so many friends who are top practitioners of alternative medicine. They agree that there is no pill that will cure any disease if there is no power of will in the patient. Nobody, whatsoever he does will be of real help for a person who does not do anything for herself. Lack of power or a weakened power of will is a disease of the soul and its natural remedy is awaking it.


So both, body and mind are to be focused and performing correlated things in a coordinated and positive way so that powerful universal forces come together and provide their help. Body and mind are to be trained to work like this. I know this all I am saying is nothing new. However I feel like recalling two different stories that were particularly useful for me and made me put these two basic abilities in a place of very high importance.


First story about a friend I knew when we were involved together in business with natural supplements in Orlando, Florida. When we first were introduced to each other and had our first talks, we found out that we eventually practiced the same meditations. She really did not develop that meditation, she would meditate only every now and then. However her father, who was lot more active in this regards and had developed more understanding on this matter, was used to teach and train her and her brother and sister very helpful and pragmatic things.


My friend told me for example, that when she was a child and she and her brother and sister would fight for something, and they would tend to argue and hurt or insult each other, like the other kids would do, their dad would sit them by the table, give them some little talk, and put them to write down a hundred times some sentence like: “I must not insult my brother, just discuss and agree”, and then made them delete all disagreement from the heart and come to a peace.


She told me this practice performed a wonderful relationship with all the family and through the years her brother and sister kept very happy with each other and did not save any hard issues in their hearts.


This practice also, as she revealed to me, helped them a lot in their business and professional lives. In her case she had all kind of issues to solve at work, professional and personal. She worked in an important executive office of a major oil corporation. The training her dad provided to her mind made it very easy for her to delete hard issues when she had to deal with very arrogant people or with the envy of coworkers, etc., and have a very nice working environment, and even provide help to many friends and coworkers by advising them how to handle family and work chores and relationships. And then, when she would come into meditation, the result of it was more enjoyable in many ways.


This is a very pragmatic and useful approach. Minds can be trained, it is easier when younger, but age is no restriction. Concentration and Self Control are a part of our daily life in each and every choice we make. They can make our lives easier and also, when applied to things of the heart and spirit, they perform wonders.


Concentration and Self Control are essentials we need to develop for powerful, deep meditations, and deep, meaningful change of directions we chose every day.


These abilities are main pillars in all beliefs, yoga and life improvement systems, and religions.


“He who has no discipline has no wisdom,

He can not concentrate his mind in one only point

Where there is no concentration there is no peace.

And where there is no peace, can there be any joy?



Talk soon. Please leave your comments…


Meditate… What is Meditation… How to Meditate…..


Some time ago i found a funny little story that explained a couple of aspects of the meditation process… Later i found that such simple store was a lot more meaningful than i originally thought, as i will explain, in about why to meditate, how to meditate, what is meditation ultimately, its deepest truth. But let me first of all thank you all for your very kind and appreciative comments. I do not know well how is the google rankings work, and i have in mind that if half of the comments are mine, it might not be convenient for ranking purposes; so, this is some kind of apology for not interacting always personally with each of you.


Now let’s go back to the story… perhaps some of you may know it….

I Love My Cow

Naga Arjuna was a very simple man who lived out of the earnings from selling the milk from his cow. He loved his cow. They grew together. He was very sincere but skeptical.


One day that his Master of meditation talked about how powerful the mind is and how it can be controled.  He told his Master how he felt about that. He asked “Is it true that our thoughts come to be real? I don’t believe all that”.


“Yes Naga Arjuna, your thoughts have that power. All the things that you love, on which you have put your attention and your thinking become reality”.. was the response of the Master.


“You need to prove it to me, because I really don’t believe in these things”.


“Very good”, said the Master. “Just tell me one thing. Is there anything or anybody that you love the most in the world?’


Naga Arjuna was poor and had but just a few relatives and possessions, and out of all he had, what he loved the most was his cow, because his living depended so much on it. So he told the Master: “Yes, there is something. I love my cow very much”‘

Then the Master told him: “Ok. Go into that room for a few days to meditate.. you will be provided of food. In that room you are only to think of your cow: Don’t allow other thoughts to come to you, but only thoughts linked to your cow… what you like about it, what you think of it, why you love it…, and out of all those thoughts, choose the ones you like the most and meditate on them.”

 I think Naga Arjuna’s Master of Meditation summarized so many details about the simple process of meditation in the past few lines.

For several days Naga Arjuna meditated in this way, and at the end of three weeks the Master came back and said. “Naga Arjuna, you can come out of your meditation and come out of that room now”.


“Very good, i’ll do that”, said Naga Arjuna. He was pretty detatched from his body, so he stretched a little bit in order to  befit again in his body, just as we also do when we wake up after sleeping all night. Then he walked towards the door.


“But just tell me something”, he asked the Master: “how am I going to make my horns pass through that door. It is so narrow!’


“Now have you realized what the power of your thinking is?” Asked the Master.


“No, i don’t believe in those kinds of things.


“But Naga Arjuna, do you remember you got into that room through this same door? How could you do it?.. said the Master, bringing with him a tray with water, that he placed in front of Naga Arjuna, so that he could see his own image reflected in there, and continued telling him: “where are your horns? Naga Arjuna, thus is the world. If in only three weeks of this thinking you believed you were your cow, just think  how the people in the world are transforming themselves when they are thinking of the world and its problems and desires and passions day and night, day and night. This is how everybody is hypnotized, like you were, feeling you were your cow”.

 This moral is great !!!

“All the people think that they are the body because they have not yet seen their own soul. When a child is born his parents give him some training for the body, and the little one learns how to manage his senses and his body. He learns by induction from his parents and relatives, developing thus his ego, and in a few years the child becomes what he was taught by his relatives, that he is the son of a doctor or of an engineer, or the son of a king or of a beggar, and it is very difficult to change his beliefs. His mind is strongly attached to the concepts, the beliefs and the bodies of his relatives and friends, and to his own body, but he knows nothing about the true reality of his own soul.  So, your meditation should be centered in your real Self, which is far beyond anything of this world; beyond the death of the body even, and beyond anything you can imagine. Know your Self. Your soul, the Light of your life, is the very image of God, you don’t need to look  anywhere else. You just need your mind controlled and crystal pure, so that it may reflect the God within you. This should be your meditation”.


As always, your comments are welcome…



Happiness, Pursuit of happiness, tracked in a free smartphone app


Track your happiness every day for free

Something strong to meditate on today is what we do in our life in daily basis; our habits.. where our mind is set at each moment, and how happy or unhappy it can make us… goes along very well with the habits of happiness as seen by Matthew Ricard, known as the happiest man in the world

Matthew A Killingsworth has developed a very curious app for smartphones.

Everywhere people are attached so much to their cell phones, busy into games, calls, books, calendars, music, videos.

I came across this website where you can track your happiness.. The app first takes some demographics from you, then on the phone sends you messages with questions (kind of surveys or psychology test) you have to answer as sincere and soon possible.. then the app sends you a report on how happy you are, in comparison to the focus you have in your activity at that time, in the amount of sleep you have, in productivity aspects, and several other parameters.

A “happiness report”, a graphic, appears once you have answered the questions, you may see what is the state of your mind, whether it is on task or not, and you are asked if you are thinking about something happy, unhappy, or neutral.

Matthew is a PhD student in Dr. Dan Gilbert’s psychology lab in Harvard. They have compiled information from 2,250 volunteer app users and found that:

  • People are lost in thought nearly as often as they are focused on the present moment and
  • This “non-present” thinking causes them to be unhappy.

46.9% of the time the participants’ minds were not on their present tasks and these wandering thoughts were unpleasant.

When reporting on the activity, participants were given a choice of 22 general activities, which included working, resting, having sex, etc.

In all but one activity (having sex), participants reported that their minds wandered at least 30% of the time.

You will find the app here> www.trackyourhappiness.org


Please make a comment if you did like the link.. let me know what is in your mind about it, and have an excellent… happiest day


Four Agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz. Toltec Legend of the Smokey Mirror

The Four Agreements

In my youth i once traveled to the Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico. Teotihuacan means “The city of the Gods”, and i found a pamphlet that i kept for years, and what impressed me most of it was the title, and a verbal quote that the tour guide pointed. He said, “Teotihuacan means, the city where men come to become Gods, where they meditate for that…”
I said, What???.. And with the time i have come to a nicer approach of this truth, of what kind of wonderful multidimensional beings we are, and how meditation helps us integrate ourselves with what appears to be a huge impenetrable universe. And it is very uplifting to find these kind of mystic legends, like “The Smokey Mirror“, a great opening to Don Miguel Ruiz’s, The four agreements.

The Smokey Mirror
Three thousand years ago, there was a human just like you and me who lived near a city surrounded by mountains. The human was studying to become a medicine man, to learn the knowledge of his ancestors, but he didn’t completely agree with everything he was learning. In his heart, he felt there must be something more.One day, as he slept in a cave, he dreamed that he saw his own body sleeping. He came out of the cave on the night of a new moon. The sky was clear, and he could see millions of stars. Then something happened inside of him that transformed his life forever. He looked at his hands, he felt his body, and he heard his own voice say, “I am made of light; I am made of stars.”

He looked at the stars again, and he realized that it’s not the stars that create light, but rather light that creates the stars. “Everything is made of light,” he said, “and the space in-between isn’t empty.” And he knew that everything that exists is one living being, and that light is the messenger of life, because it is alive and contains all information.

In my work as a missionary i could talk to some people who had this kind of experience. It is somehow natural. People may experience themselves like when they see a static black and white screen, with spots of light and black moving.. then they realize these spots really are stars, then they see that the stars give shape to a body, and they realize it is their own body. When the mind bringing this understanding to the logic consciousness, the logic consciousness shocks and brings the person out of that dimensional experience. I could find 4 people who told me those kind of dreams or experiences in my tours through Central and South America.


Then he realized that although he was made of stars, he was not those stars. “I am in-between the stars,” he thought. So he called the stars the tonal and the light between the stars the nagual, and he knew that what created the harmony and space between the two is Life or Intent. Without Life, the tonal and nagual could not exist. Life is the force of the absolute, the supreme, the Creator who creates everything.

This is what he discovered: Everything in existence is a manifestation of the one living being we call God. Everything is God. And he came to the conclusion that human perception is merely light perceiving light. He also saw that matter is a mirror — everything is a mirror that reflects light and creates images of that light — and the world of illusion, the Dream, is just like smoke which doesn’t allow us to see what we really are. “The real us is pure love, pure light,” he said.

These paragraphs do go along with the yogic conception of the creator-creation interactivity. It is curious the toltecs had this wisdom on the very other side of the planet. The toltec, was one of the most important groups in the Mesoamerican culture. The wise ones, along with the Mayans and a few others.

This realization changed his life. Once he knew what he really was, he looked around at other humans and the rest of nature, and he was amazed at what he saw. He saw himself in everything — in every human, in every animal, in every tree, in the water, in the rain, in the clouds, in the earth. And he saw that Life mixed the tonal and the nagual in different ways to create billions of manifestations of Life.

In those few moments he comprehended everything. He was very excited, and his heart was filled with peace. He could hardly wait to tell his people what he had discovered. But there were no words to explain it. He tried to tell the others, but they could not understand. they could see that he had changed, that something beautiful was radiating from his eyes and voice. They noticed that he no longer had judgment about anything or anyone. He was no longer like anyone else.

He could understand everyone very well, but no one could understand him. They believed that he was an incarnation of God, and he smiled when he heard this and he said, “It is true. I am God. But you are also God. We are the same, you and I. We are images of light. We are God.” But still the people didn’t understand him.

This whole legend is so uplifting. A common person in a sincere search may have this kind of approach, and actually all mystic legends and tales are full of this freshness. It may happen to anyone in the world, whatever education or formation he or she has. The common factor is the sincere search or the sincere questioning, that brings this kind of responses from the universe.

He had discovered that he was a mirror for the rest of the people, a mirror in which he could see himself. “Everyone is a mirror,” he said. He saw himself in everyone, but nobody saw him as themselves. And he realized that everyone was dreaming, but without awareness, without knowing what they really are. They couldn’t see him as themselves because there was a wall of fog or smoke between the mirrors. And that wall of fog was made by the interpretation of images of light — the Dream of humans.

This is the sweetest description of how all misunderstandings are going on in this world. Very true.

Then he knew that he would soon forget all that he had learned. He wanted to remember all the visions he had had, so he decided to call himself the Smokey Mirror so that he would always know that matter is a mirror and the smoke in-between is what keeps us from knowing what we are. He said, “I am the Smokey Mirror, because I am looking at myself in all of you, but we don’t recognize each other because of the smoke in-between us. That smoke is the Dream, and the mirror is you, the dreamer.”

This is kind of the sad fate, that our worldly duties make us forget our highest dreams, even such a high and fresh revelation like this. This may be a teaching that revelations come to us in a natural way; it is just as the universe communicates with us, in multi-dimensional ways. Only we have to be aware of our multi-dimensional nature and develop it. I think meditations greatest help is to make us aware of our natural communication with the universe; i would say, integration with the universe.

I would love to have your feedback, please write your comments. Thank you for reading, and thank you Don Miguel Ruiz for bringing and sharing without altering, this beautiful legend.

If you would like reading an exclusive interview with Don Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, please go here http://meditationstomeditate.com/2012/04/from-skepticism-to-umbreakable-faith/






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