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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Meditate… What is Meditation… How to Meditate…..


Some time ago i found a funny little story that explained a couple of aspects of the meditation process… Later i found that such simple store was a lot more meaningful than i originally thought, as i will explain, in about why to meditate, how to meditate, what is meditation ultimately, its deepest truth. But let me first of all thank you all for your very kind and appreciative comments. I do not know well how is the google rankings work, and i have in mind that if half of the comments are mine, it might not be convenient for ranking purposes; so, this is some kind of apology for not interacting always personally with each of you.


Now let’s go back to the story… perhaps some of you may know it….

I Love My Cow

Naga Arjuna was a very simple man who lived out of the earnings from selling the milk from his cow. He loved his cow. They grew together. He was very sincere but skeptical.


One day that his Master of meditation talked about how powerful the mind is and how it can be controled.  He told his Master how he felt about that. He asked “Is it true that our thoughts come to be real? I don’t believe all that”.


“Yes Naga Arjuna, your thoughts have that power. All the things that you love, on which you have put your attention and your thinking become reality”.. was the response of the Master.


“You need to prove it to me, because I really don’t believe in these things”.


“Very good”, said the Master. “Just tell me one thing. Is there anything or anybody that you love the most in the world?’


Naga Arjuna was poor and had but just a few relatives and possessions, and out of all he had, what he loved the most was his cow, because his living depended so much on it. So he told the Master: “Yes, there is something. I love my cow very much”‘

Then the Master told him: “Ok. Go into that room for a few days to meditate.. you will be provided of food. In that room you are only to think of your cow: Don’t allow other thoughts to come to you, but only thoughts linked to your cow… what you like about it, what you think of it, why you love it…, and out of all those thoughts, choose the ones you like the most and meditate on them.”

 I think Naga Arjuna’s Master of Meditation summarized so many details about the simple process of meditation in the past few lines.

For several days Naga Arjuna meditated in this way, and at the end of three weeks the Master came back and said. “Naga Arjuna, you can come out of your meditation and come out of that room now”.


“Very good, i’ll do that”, said Naga Arjuna. He was pretty detatched from his body, so he stretched a little bit in order to  befit again in his body, just as we also do when we wake up after sleeping all night. Then he walked towards the door.


“But just tell me something”, he asked the Master: “how am I going to make my horns pass through that door. It is so narrow!’


“Now have you realized what the power of your thinking is?” Asked the Master.


“No, i don’t believe in those kinds of things.


“But Naga Arjuna, do you remember you got into that room through this same door? How could you do it?.. said the Master, bringing with him a tray with water, that he placed in front of Naga Arjuna, so that he could see his own image reflected in there, and continued telling him: “where are your horns? Naga Arjuna, thus is the world. If in only three weeks of this thinking you believed you were your cow, just think  how the people in the world are transforming themselves when they are thinking of the world and its problems and desires and passions day and night, day and night. This is how everybody is hypnotized, like you were, feeling you were your cow”.

 This moral is great !!!

“All the people think that they are the body because they have not yet seen their own soul. When a child is born his parents give him some training for the body, and the little one learns how to manage his senses and his body. He learns by induction from his parents and relatives, developing thus his ego, and in a few years the child becomes what he was taught by his relatives, that he is the son of a doctor or of an engineer, or the son of a king or of a beggar, and it is very difficult to change his beliefs. His mind is strongly attached to the concepts, the beliefs and the bodies of his relatives and friends, and to his own body, but he knows nothing about the true reality of his own soul.  So, your meditation should be centered in your real Self, which is far beyond anything of this world; beyond the death of the body even, and beyond anything you can imagine. Know your Self. Your soul, the Light of your life, is the very image of God, you don’t need to look  anywhere else. You just need your mind controlled and crystal pure, so that it may reflect the God within you. This should be your meditation”.


As always, your comments are welcome…



Happiness, Pursuit of happiness, tracked in a free smartphone app


Track your happiness every day for free

Something strong to meditate on today is what we do in our life in daily basis; our habits.. where our mind is set at each moment, and how happy or unhappy it can make us… goes along very well with the habits of happiness as seen by Matthew Ricard, known as the happiest man in the world

Matthew A Killingsworth has developed a very curious app for smartphones.

Everywhere people are attached so much to their cell phones, busy into games, calls, books, calendars, music, videos.

I came across this website where you can track your happiness.. The app first takes some demographics from you, then on the phone sends you messages with questions (kind of surveys or psychology test) you have to answer as sincere and soon possible.. then the app sends you a report on how happy you are, in comparison to the focus you have in your activity at that time, in the amount of sleep you have, in productivity aspects, and several other parameters.

A “happiness report”, a graphic, appears once you have answered the questions, you may see what is the state of your mind, whether it is on task or not, and you are asked if you are thinking about something happy, unhappy, or neutral.

Matthew is a PhD student in Dr. Dan Gilbert’s psychology lab in Harvard. They have compiled information from 2,250 volunteer app users and found that:

  • People are lost in thought nearly as often as they are focused on the present moment and
  • This “non-present” thinking causes them to be unhappy.

46.9% of the time the participants’ minds were not on their present tasks and these wandering thoughts were unpleasant.

When reporting on the activity, participants were given a choice of 22 general activities, which included working, resting, having sex, etc.

In all but one activity (having sex), participants reported that their minds wandered at least 30% of the time.

You will find the app here> www.trackyourhappiness.org


Please make a comment if you did like the link.. let me know what is in your mind about it, and have an excellent… happiest day





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