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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Meditation Essentials: Concentration and Self Control (part two)


Concentration and Self Control are key elements of discipline that bring together spiritual and mental forces that help us achieve goals. They are the abc of it all.


Concentration is a very high spiritual matter. What to concentrate in, and what is that that gets concentrated? Our essence is that concentrates. In the outer world our essence is deluded with other substances and thoughts. A concentrated essence is very powerful. Our essence gets concentrated in whatever takes its attention, its heart. The decision for a path to follow. This happens since there are two opposite natures in us. Life and death are in us each and every breath. The nature of living breaths in us with positive, constructing, happy thinking, while the nature of death expires in us with destroying, heavy and dense vibrations.

Self Control is the moderator and the decision maker.

Let me recall the second story i was thinking of before, in the previous post. It is a story of another friend who had a terrible accident where her beloved husband was killed in very sad conditions in the traffic of North Carolina. He actually died next to her, while she was also struggling to save herself from all her injuries inside their completely destroyed car. In the first hour of being trapped in the vehicle he expired in front of her eyes.


After she woke again she was in the hospital, recalling all that had happened. In the middle of her grief she saw her two younger boys and only thought to be strong for them. She said to herself that there would be a time when she would concentrate in crying deeply her husband’s death, and that she needed to show her step sons how to recover from the pain and to have joy for life. At times, by  herself, she would start to cry, alone, for some time; then she would show again joyful and happy. She told me this practice of self control had helped her in ways she did not realize originally. She was still loving and deeply respecting her husband and learned how important it was to stay alive and learn from her sad fate some deeper meanings of life and death.


Concentration and Self Control helped her and her family very nicely and brought the power to achieve, to learn, to absorb, to understand better. Strong power of will is needed each and every moment. Interestingly in those days my friend could learn and was aware of how many things could weaken her power of will, and that is the most interesting lesson. Family members, friends, advertising everywhere call us, and some times even forces us to like something and to indulge somehow. We accept and for certain reasons go against our own selves, our own thoughts and brake our own goals, our own thoughts, and eventually we make weak our power of will. My friend could find many many things that were making her will weak. This article is too small to make details and explain further these weakening factors, but i am sure we all can recognize many of them.


We will come back deeper on these matters early next year. You will enjoy learning interesting and very powerful aspects of these essentials that we do not know. All discipline in every path of life and faith involves Concentration and Self Control, and these are also what feeds our very beliefs.


In our next post we will recall another basic matter, another essential common to all meditation paths and faiths.. This matter is DEVOTION.


I think recalling certain aspects of devotion may help us make our December holidays more meaningful and  enjoyable. So, we’ll meet later. Please let us know what is in your mind in your comments.








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