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This is a heart to heart blog. All information in it is copyrighted and shows only our point of view on the topics. We have some interesting background and so we think the information displayed in this blog may be significantly important to help readers have a wider approach of the topics related to the posts. Eventually on the content we may opt to place links to other parties that we believe have important content, as well as affiliate links to parties that may pay us a commission, and that helps us sponsor this blog. We think it is important to be upfront with you.

Monthly Archives: February 2012

Preparing Marketing Launch



First of all an apology. It has taken some time to update this blog. We are now working to launch some materials that have not been published and we are sure that you will enjoy greatly and find them very interesting and helpful. We are dealing too with several technical issues to have our feeds and stuff working properly.


We will soon post two interviews we are sure you will find very useful and with lots and lots of insights, the first one will be posted in about ten days. It is an interview with Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz, trying to follow up with the post we wrote about the Toltec Legend of the Smokey Mirror in Don Miguel’s book “The Four Agreements”.


Many of the comments we receive ask us about the software we use to run this blog. This is a very simple site and we think that any person would be able to run it with basic technical expertise. The software is advertised in the widget to the right of this page, our “sponsors”.


So these are just some brief lines to let you know a bigger story is coming soon. We will be launching it with the help and advise of our preferred experts in the field of meditation and internet marketing. In the lines below you will find a link to our provider of marketing solutions. Please check on the videos and page you will be connected to. It is great, and it is what we use and what will help us launch a couple of projects we have been working on for years, which will move you deeply, we are sure. So, take a look and leave your comments.

Do you have a great product, project or idea you want to put in front of everyone but you do not know how?

This year around 20,000 people will hit the $ million¬† mark working from home… Are you interested?

The image will take you to the videos with my joint venture partners

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